The Christological Notion of Diakonos in Clement of Alexandria

In this study, I will look at the notion of “diakonos tou theou” (the servant of God), as it was described by Clement of Alexandria. is notion is exemplified in the Chris- tian ministry and service and it is deeply contextualized in the mental, communal, ecclesiological, and specifically christological senses of diakonia. When Clement uses the word “diakoneo” together with its derivatives, such as “diakonos”, “diakonia”, one immediately recognizes its broad semantic eld. We can find the use of the word with the following meanings, such as to serve, fetch, provide, accomplish, fulfill responsibilities, behave in appropriate way, labor, do good deeds, serve at the Eucharistic table, and realize God’s intent of salvation. Depending on the context, the meaning of the word takes a cluster of senses and shades. The main focus of this study will be made on Christological connotations and identifications, since precisely there Clement formulated his most profound and sophisticated nuances of the notion of diakonia.