On Some Peculiarities of Fr. Isydore Dolnytsky’s Typikon

The article describes the Typikon, a liturgical book composed by the famous priest Isydore Dolnytsky, that still plays a role of the official regulator of the divine service in the Ukrainian Graeco-Catholic Church. e author of the article presents peculi- arities of the rubrics in Dolnytsky’s Typikon against the general background of the Church liturgical orders and Typikons. He considers peculiarities of rubrics concerning bishop elements of the worship, local traditions of Western Ukraine, simplifications (shortenings) and complications of directives in comparison with other similar liturgical sources. e author underlines the importance of Isydore Dolnytsky’s Typikon as well as the necessity to reconsider some of its directives and bring them in conformity with new liturgical editions and contemporary needs.